Sam Bailey shares story hoping to save lives

The Roads and Maritime Services NSW launched a new road safety campaign "Survive the Drive" on December 4 in Canberra - specifically targetting older, rural drivers. Sam Bailey was inspired to be part of the campaign by telling his own story, hoping it would help save lives, especially because regional Australians are disproportionatley represented in the road toll statistics. "Country people think it's city drivers dying on country roads but the statistics prove that's not true. It's locals on local roads, 80 per cent are men and they are more often in the 30 to 59 age group," Sam says. "Speed is a factor in 47 per cent of fatalities; fatigue in 28 per cent of fatalities; alcohol in 20 per cent and not wearing a seat belt 21 per cent."

Sam Bailey at the launch of the RMS road safety campaign targetting country roads on December 4 in Canberra.

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