Helping hand for flood affected beef producers

Sam and Jenny Bailey travelled to north west Queensland on March 23 to speak at the Cloncurry Genetics Muster, a joint initiative of the North West Branch of the Australian Brahman Breeders Association, Sisters of the North and Cloncurry Shire Council. It aimed to support local beef producers who a couple of years ago faced devastating floods that caused the deaths of thousands of head of cattle. But ironically, Sam and Jenny's trip was also made all the more eventful due to rain. The plane on their flight from Brisbane to Cloncurry was struck by lightning mid-air, forcing them to return to Brisbane Airport to change planes. It then poured rain after they arrived at Cloncurry, during passing storms even though it wasn't forcast. Meanwhile NSW and southern Queensland was receiving huge rainfall, which resulted in massive flooding throughout southern Queensland and northern NSW including Croppa Creek which runs through Sam and Jenny's property. Needless to say it took an extra day and a convoluted route for them to finally get home, where thankfully, all was okay apart from some minor flood damage in low lying areas. Sam and Jenny would like to thank MMG Mining and Cloncurry Shire Council for sponsoring their flights to and from the event.