Christchurch earthquake damage four years on....

The South Island of New Zealand city of Christchurch is still in the midst of re-building four years on from the devastating Canterbury Earthquake of Feburary 22, 2011. Garden City Helicopters kindly gave Jenny and I a bird's eye view on March 20. There's still a lot of work ahead before this once beautiful city is back to its former glory. It's estimated it will take another 10 to 15 years to complete the re-build.

The centre of Christchurch - most of the car parks are sites of buildings that have been removed since the earthquake and haven't yet been replaced. You can see many cranes which are being used to construct new buildings.

Once one of Christchurch's best known landmarks, the Christchurch Cathedral is still in disrepair four years after the quake as there is on-going debate about its future - whether to pull it down and build a new modern church; rebuild it as it was at great expense or restore the gothic interior with a modern exterior.

Street after street of houses in the Red Zones - the worst hit areas - have been pulled down since the quake leaving whole suburbs as ghostly green field sites never to be built on again. It's an eerie sight.

Many damaged houses still haven't been pulled down or repaired - including these along the cliffs of Christchurch.

This stadium was once home to the Crusaders Rugby Union team - now it's fenced off and abandoned. It's future has still not been decided.

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