Head Over Heels a best seller

Sam and Jenny Bailey’s book 'Head Over Heels - A story of tragedy, triumph and romance in the Australian bush' was published in April 2006 by ABC Books and is now a best seller. Contact us if you would like a copy of our book or your preferred supplier for an ebook.

Sam's story continues to inspire people across Australia. It delivers powerful messages about the need to try everything, that anything is possible and how to cope when things don't go according to plan.

His story takes readers on a rollercoaster journey that makes them laugh, makes them cry and changes the way their view their own lives forever. It’s highly recommended for children from eight upwards and young adults.

Readers of 'Head Over Heels' have made comments like, "....this morning I was two hours late for work (self-employed don't worry!) because I could not leave the house until I finished your inspirational book."

And, "Well, my kids are starving, they've gone off to school in un-ironed uniforms, the dogs are neglected, the flowers are all dying, haven't talked to my husband for days.....all because I've been reading your book!"

Another wrote, "I have just checked in the front of my copy of Head Over Heels in which I put a tally mark in the front cover - 136 times since 2006, my personal best time wise is 4 hours. In other words your book is the best book that I have (I have over 1000 books) and you need to write another one. Good luck and well done - your book is an inspiration to all." - Emma Rice.

"As a recent high school graduate and a ridiculously fussy reader, I stumbled across your book in our bookshelf (I was supposed to be cleaning my room!!). Your humble determination and courage in overcoming adversity is truly inspirational in conquering all of life's problems - great and small. The book was that great I even took it to schoolies week!"

- Melanie McKinnis

Head Over Heels is also available as an audio book from Bolinda Audio.
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Sam and Jenny are currently writing their second book “You Don’t Need Wings to Fly’ which will be published by ABC Books and produced as an audio book by Bolinda Audio.